We offer a wide range of Iceland car rental insurance products for people who want to be on the safe side.

We want all our customers to be able to travel around Iceland hassle free. Which is why we have some great insurance packages to offer. The insurances can be hard to understand and we want to make it simple. Here below you can see our insurances, what is included and what is not, so nothing will be of a surprise.

If you have insurance through third party and want to decline our insurances it is no problem at all. We ask you to contact us by email and our customer service team will be happy to help. We are also happy to give our local advise regarding insurances if needed.

We know that accidents can never be predicted, which is why it is important to have the correct coverage to avoid unforseen costs

All our car rental vehicles come with Third Party Liability insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). CDW covers the bodywork of the car. Incase case of collision the body of the vehicle usually gets damaged. The self risk (excess) for CDW is 350.000 ISK.  That means that incase of dents and scratches to the vehicle the maximum amount to pay is 350.000 ISK. If it is under the excess, we will only charge for the amount that will cost to repair the vehicle.

There are damages that are not covered by CDW (included) or SCDW

  • Damage caused by animals
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Damages to the chassis of the vehicle and undercarriage of the vehicle
  • Damages to tires/wheels
  • Water damages to the vehicle
  • Damages to the door structure (frame, hinges, etc) caused by wind gusts

We do recommend to take some of our extra coverage to reduce your liability and travel around Iceland without worry. It needs to be taken into consideration that Iceland in unique for the weather conditions and gravel roads that can cause damage to your rental vehicle.

If you do have insurances through third party insurances, for example your credit card you will first pay Icerental 4x4 for any damage and then you will get reimbursed through your insurance company. We will help you with all documents needed for this reimbursement.

We do believe it is best for our customers to take additional insurances to reduce the risk and travel around Iceland without worry.


Icerental4x4 Insurance Package

(Please see terms & conditions.)


Icerental 4x4 OUR INSURANCE  Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW):

CDW insurance is included the price, the driver liability in excess of EUR 3800 For all cars . CDW insurance is included the price, the driver liability in excess of EUR 350.000 ISK For all cars . If the renter is able to purchase SCDW insurance and by doing so he lowers the self risk of CDW down to 100.000 ISK. This means that if there would be any dent/scratch on the vehicle the maximum amount to pay is 100.000 ISK. If it is under the excess, we only charge for the amount that will cost to repair the vehicle. 

Covers collision damage up to 100,000 ISK. (Aprox. 730 EUR)

Icerental 4x4 OUR INSURANCE  Gravel Protection (GP):

In Iceland we have many gravel roads that may lead to small rocks can go loose while driving and hit the vehicle. These loose gravel can lead to getting chips on the painting at the front of the car, windscreen, headlightst or fog lights. This is why we recommend having the Gravel Protection while renting a car in Iceland.

This protection includes damage to the front windscreen, headlights and the front of the car when gravel or rocks get thrown on the vehicle by another car no self risk.

Covers gravel damage up to 0. 

Icerental 4x4 OUR INSURANCE  Sand and Ash Protection (SAAP):

The Sand and Ash Protection can be very important while driving in Iceland. The weather conditions can be extreme as the wind can be so strong it can reach 30-40 mph or 45-60 km/h. With these strong winds the loose gravel can blow with the wind causing damages to the painting of the vehicle. This is comon to happen on the south coast of Iceland as well as it can happen all year around. 

No regular insurance cover damage from ash or sandstorm. The damage to paint, glass and plastic parts can be very expensive to the lessee, up to 10.000 EUR. The lessee can purchase SAAP to lower self risk down from full liability to 100.000 ISK

Covers Sand & Ash damage up to 100,000 ISK. (Aprox. 730 EUR)

Icerental 4x4 OUR INSURANCE  Theft Protection (TP):

Iceland is known for being one of the most peaceful countries in the world however dishonest people will always exist, so if your car were to be stolen you would never pay more than 100.000 ISK. for the loss of our vehicle.

This protection insures the lessee from liability should the vehicle be stolen.

Covers theft damage up to 100,000 ISK. (Aprox. 730 EUR)

It is noted that in case of gross negligence on behalf of the lessee that leads to theft of the vehicle, the TP is void

All rentals are subject to the full rental agreement terms and conditions at the time of rental.

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