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The following blog post details the safety measures to take when hiring a car from Icerental4x4 in 2022.

Covid-19 Safety Measures

Carefree Travel to Iceland with Icerental4x4

Travelling to Iceland is a great idea during these pandemic times. The country has been recognized for how well it has handled the situation making it a safe and reliable place to stay. As of today, there are still minor rules at the border when visiting Iceland. 

Here you can find all information needed when visiting Iceland: 

Read about why you should visit Iceland

We at Icerental4x4 are a local rental company that can offer great flexibility for our customers who would like to visit Iceland in the upcoming days. Due to our flexibility, we have decided to adjust our cancellation policy. We also provide an online check-in form to shorten pick up time and reduce contact. 

Our updater cancellation policy:

  • In case of a cancelled flight due to covid, we offer a full refund to our customers.
  • In case of a cancelled return flight due to covid, we offer a full refund for unused days if an early return is needed.
  • In case of testing positive at either the first or second test, we offer a full refund for unused days.

Please contact our customer service team at for further information

Our Safety measures:

We at Icerental4x4 have strict safety measures creating a safe environment for both our customers and staff. We show great flexibility with our new cancellation policy and offers. 

Before Pick Up

  • All our vehicles are disinfected before each rental
  • Our shuttle van is disinfected more often. 
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in our shuttle
  • Our office is cleaned more frequently
  • 1 Meter kept between groups and staff

During Pick Up

  • We offer an online check-in form to minimize contact.
  • Online check-in reduces pick up time

Clean and safe Icerental4x4 2022

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