5 Reasons why you should visit Iceland when you can start to travel

After a long time keeping safe by staying at home we cannot help our selfs but to dream about travelling again. There are so many wonderful countries worth visiting so it can be difficult to decide where to go when we are allowed to travel again.

Travelling has been a big part of peoples lives, going all around the world experiencing a different culture and seeing new places while working down our bucket list. There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has had a big impact to the whole world. It may change many travel plans for the future and will make everybody think more about where to travel and what countries to visit in the near future. Travelling to a safe country that is not so crowded with wide-open spaces, untouched nature and fresh air. Someplace where it is possible to relax and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Soon we will be able to turn these dreams into reality and start to travel again. The question many will ask, where should we go after this is over? Iceland is a small, safe country that is easy to travel to. The largest part of the country is nature and Reykjavík, the capital is not like other capitals due to its size. So finally it is a true strength for Iceland to be a small nation. Iceland should be at the top of the list, and here are 5 reasons why you should visit Iceland after the Coronavirus.

 5. Iceland has no large cities.

 In Iceland, you will find that everything is small compared to other nations. This means that cities and towns in Iceland are small so there is always enough space for everyone to go around exploring each city or town. When we look at Iceland‘s capital Reykjavík it holds around 126.041 residents or approx. 34% of the Icelandic population. Reykjavík and the surrounding municipality have over 60% of all residents living in Iceland. So if you are looking for a country with more space, Iceland is the perfect place to visit.

Hallgrímskirkja in Iceland

 4. Iceland is perfect in all seasons

Whether you are looking to travel over the summertime or want to experience a true winter, Iceland is perfect to visit all year round. Iceland offers a long winter and a summer that has daylight 24/7. Visiting Iceland during the wintertime is a great idea, usually, it has less tourist over the winter months offering more freedom to explore its popular places. It is important to dress appropriately and to have a good rental car. We do recommend looking at 4x4 vehicles with studded winter tires for the winter drive. The winter offers shorter days and more darkness but the snow does brighten the day as well as the glorious northern lights.

Sportage rental car Iceland

When visiting Iceland in the summer you will experience having daylight at all hours. The midnight sun is truly a wonderful thing where you can take long walks around Reykjavík or enjoy some of Iceland‘s amazing hotspots. Travelling to Icelandic highlands is great while visiting during the summer months. If you are a nature lover then hiking in the highland is truly a must thing to do. Whether it is in Landmannalaugar or Askja it will be an experience that will live forever. We do recommend travelling around the highlands in 4x4 Camping vehicles.

 3. Iceland has space for everyone. 

If there is one thing Iceland does not lack, it is space. In Iceland, there are 366.000 residents, and having over 60% of the residents living in Reykjavík and nearby municipality creating endless space outside this area in Iceland. So you can enjoy some of the amazing views that Iceland has to offer without being around to many people.

 2. Icelandic nature

One thing is for sure, when driving around Iceland you will notice how the landscape keeps changing and you always seem to find new amazing nature that Iceland has to offer. So no matter how long you drive, or where in Iceland you go there is one thing for sure, that you will experience something different that is hard to explain. Photography in Iceland is very popular and the Icelandic nature creates endless options to play around with the camera. 

Icelandic mountains

Iceland is full of waterfalls, mountains, glaciers and hot springs. Planning a trip to Iceland can be challenging as there are so many places that are worth visiting. Whether it is the Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, Black Sand Beach or small unique towns like Akureyri, Reykjavík or Siglufjörður and the highlands like Landmannalaugar, Askja, or Kjölur its seems that no matter where you go, there is always something worth seeing. We do recommend renting a vehicle to travel around Iceland. 

Skógarfoss Iceland

 1. How Iceland has beaten the pandemic 

The government and health experts of Iceland have truly done amazing work in controlling the coronavirus. No country has done more testing than Iceland, with around 13% of the nation tested by the end of April. Due to the size of Iceland, it has been able to work closely with its people making sure that everyone follows instructions given by the government and health experts. Iceland has reached its peak and has only a few active cases of coronavirus with close to no new cases being discovered even though there are still plenty of tests being done. Icelandic government and health experts are already starting to loosen the restrictions from the 4th of May. 

How Iceland has handled the pandemic is truly admirable, making it the country worth visiting.

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