Car Rental in Iceland:

4x4 Vehicle Rental

Renting a car in Iceland

Car Rental in Iceland:

Ice Rental 4x4 is the place to go when you are exploring your options for car rentals in Iceland. Driving in the country can present a new set of challenges for visitors, such as loose gravel. When in Iceland, 4x4 car rental is necessary so you can have the traction you need and remain safe while out on the road. Exploring the ruggedness of the land in an Iceland car rental from Ice Rental 4x4 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you don’t want to miss!

scenic icelandic road in snaefellsnes peninsula of iceland

4x4 Vehicles We Rent

We offer a range of vehicle types and models for customers seeking a car rental in Iceland. These include:

Small Vehicles/Compact SUVs

If you’re looking for adventure but aren’t travelling with a large group, you can still have power, comfort, and safety with these compact SUVs:

2019 Suzuki Vitara (Manual/Automatic): If you’re looking for a budget car rental in Iceland, the 5-door Vitara includes 398 litres of storage (holds four or five pieces of luggage), and comfortably accommodates 4-5 passengers. You can also enjoy AM/FM radio, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and your music and media with a USB plugin.

Suzuki Grand Vitara (Manual/Automatic): Accommodates up to five passengers and includes 750 litres of storage. A 5-door compact SUV, the Grand Vitara has an AM/FM radio, while the 2015 automatic model adds an AUX port, USB plugin, and Bluetooth connectivity.

2016 Toyota RAV4 (Manual): The RAV4 runs on a powerful diesel engine. It accommodates five passengers and offers a convenient 5-door design. The luggage compartment measures 85 x 85 x 130 cm. In addition to Toyota’s reliability, you get an AM/FM radio, USB/AUX plugin, and a Bluetooth connection.

2021 Dacia Duster (Manual): This 4x4 car rental is solid and enables you to travel with 4-5 passengers. While you pass from the cities to the majestic mountains, it will make life a breeze with five doors, 4-wheel drive, and extras such as Bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM radio, and the option to plug in USB devices.

2018 Hyundai Tucson (Automatic): This features 513 litres of storage and seats 4-5 people. This late model also provides you with an AM/FM radio. In addition, Bluetooth, AUX, and USB devices are supported so you can enjoy your media along the way.

SUV driving on mountain road

Mid/Large-Sized SUVs

If you prefer a larger 4x4 rental and a more exciting off-road experience.                               these automatic large-size models will fulfil your desire for adventure:

2011 Ford Expedition: Designed for comfort, this 5-door model is suited for travelling with 7-8 people. It is renowned for its performance and space. The rear seats fold to fit as many as five bags. An included AUX port suits your audio needs.

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Our off-road vehicle rental options include a Jeep that doesn’t limit space. The 4-door Grand Cherokee seats five passengers and fits five suitcases. It also ranks high in performance, dependability, and comfort.

Car Rental in Iceland – Your Next Steps:

When it comes to driving around in rental cars, Iceland offers visitors breathtaking views and heart-stopping experiences every step of the way. We offer convenient car rental out of Reykjavik, Iceland. Contact us to explore your rental options with Icerental4x4 today! You can also read more about driving in Iceland here. 

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