Winter travel in Iceland

Winter travel in Iceland

Winter travel in Iceland

Winter travel in Iceland 

Iceland seems like a completely different place in the winter, compared to the summer.

Temperatures usually hover anywhere from 20 to 35°F (0 to -5°C) but snowstorms and hurricane-force winds are not uncommon. Camping in Iceland in the winter can be unpredictable experience.

If you’ve chosen to explore Iceland by car, you’ll need a 4x4. At Ice Rental 4x4, we fit all our rental cars with winter tires from October through May (mountain roads are closed until early July).

Driver safety is of utmost importance. First of all, plan your driving trip with more than a road map. Many book a 4WD rental in Iceland to ride the F-roads, but these rugged passageways are often closed during the winter months.

Stay Safe

However, Iceland’s Ring Road, which goes around the entire island, is usually open.

Wherever you go, the following safety rules apply:

♦ Do not exceed the speed limit (50 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h on asphalt roads, 80 km/h on gravel roads).

♦ Drive at a safe speed based on the conditions.

♦ Pay attention to warning signs that indicate sharp bends and other dangers.

♦ Keep headlights on day and night.

♦ Drivers and all passengers must use safety belts by law.

♦ Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.

Be Prepared

We offer GPS with our vehicles—but be prepared for the unexpected.

Consult with a travel bureau or tourist information office before your journey or contact the Icelandic Road Administration at +5222 1000 or 1777.

You may lose the data connection, so always have a road map with you or download an offline map to your phone or tablet.

Always be aware the weather can change very rapidly.

Live road conditions and travel alerts are available online at and as well as at gas stations along your route. Gas station clerks can also update you on weather forecasts.

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4x4 Is the Way to See Iceland in Winter

From our small cars to SUVs, to roof top campers, our 4x4 vehicles get you around any month of the year.

They’re the safest and most versatile automobiles to traverse open roads in the winter.

Learn more about our fleet of Jeeps, SUVs, cars, and camper 4x4’s online, or contact us at +354 571-2266 or

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