Iceland is open ! – What you need to know to enter post COVID-19

On the 15th of June Iceland opened its doors to travelers from Schengen countries. We offer tests at the airport when you arrive and you will get your results within 24 hours. The tests are free of charge until the 1st of July but after that, they will cost 15.000 ISK per person.

The limitation will be reconsidered regularly so we recommend keeping an eye on the websites we will link below.

IcelandPhoto by Dan Gold

When this blog post is written these procedures have only been for a few days but have started off well and only a few persons have tested positive for COVID-19 and had to go into quarantine, the others can continue their travels as planned. To find more information on these tests and the process we highly recommend you check out 

Covid-19 IcelandPhoto by Ani Kolleshi

Everyone entering the country has to fill out a pre-registration form that you can find here, but you can only fill it out 72 hours before your arrival in Iceland. You will also be requested to download the COVID-19 app that the Icelandic government has made that will send you notifications and updates about Covid-19 while you are here. 

Bars, restaurants, and shows are open for business as well as other services but some have restrictions but you can look into that before your arrival to Iceland.

Black Beach IcelandPhoto by Adam Jang

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