Gravel Protection in Iceland: Do I need it?

If you are planning to drive around the Icelandic ring road or going to the highlands of Iceland then we strongly recommend having Gravel Protection.

It can be challenging to decide what car rental insurance to take when visiting Iceland. Since Iceland is not like many other countries, the road condition and weather condition often being more aggressive. So you may ask yourself the question, do you need gravel protection in Iceland?

Road in Iceland

If you are only planning to visit Reykjavík and nearby places like the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon it may not be the most important protection to have. However, damages caused by gravel can happen anywhere and at any time. This can occur due to the fact that Icelandic roads are laid with a layer of asphalt which is more coarse than in other countries to provide more grip during the winter season and can also happen if the car in front of you has been driving on gravel roads earlier it might have small rocks stuck in the tire. And these small rocks may get loose while driving, shooting directly to the car behind itself. This might lead to a chip on the windscreen and painting of the car. Of course, this is not common to happen but however, it is good to know how this can happen.

Gravel Protection insurance is must-have protection for your trip in Iceland if you plan to drive the ring road. Not all of the ring road is paved, so you will at some point drive on gravel roads.

Why you should have gravel protection in Iceland

If you plan to go on F-roads like to Kjölur, Landmannalaugar or Askja, then gravel protection is the insurance you 100% should have. When driving the F-roads it is common that damages by gravel happen to the car, and this is nothing that you can avoid from happening.


Why choose gravel protection insurance in Iceland

When driving on gravel roads in Iceland, the loose small gravel pieces may shoot back to the car behind. What can happen due to this is that the paint on the car will get chips or it can lead to chips on the front windscreen, headlights, and fog lights. If you have gravel protection, it means that if any of the damages mentioned above happen, you do not need to pay anything like the self-risk for Gravel Protection is zero. 

We at Icerental 4x4 offer insurance packages with gravel protection included in all the packages.

Silver Insurance Package: This package includes Super Collision Damage Waiver, Gravel Protection, and Theft Protection. It goes for 2300ISK for 2WD cars and 2600ISK for 4x4 cars per day.

Premium Insurance Package: This package includes Super Collision Damage Waiver, Gravel Protection, Sand and Ash insurance, and Theft protection. It goes for 3300ISK for 2WD cars and 3600ISK for 4x4 cars per day. 

Platinum Insurance Package: This package includes the Super Collision Damage Waiver, Gravel Protection, Sand and Ash Insurance, and Theft protection, all with zero self-risk. It goes for 4900ISK per day for 2WD cars and 5600ISK for 4x4 cars per day.

Here you can find more information about our insurances and self risks.


We know that accidents can never be predicted, which is why it is important to have the correct coverage to avoid unforeseen costs


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