We received an award!

Icerental 4x4 receive a prestigious Award two years in a row

Icerental4x4 received a very prestigious award in October 2020. Only 2% of privately and publicly owned companies in Iceland received this award for 2020.

We at Icerental4x4 are incredibly proud to be a part of a group of outstanding companies awarded by CreditInfo Iceland for the second year in a row. We are grateful to have such an amazing team as this award shows true teamwork. At these tough times, we look at this to be an incredible motivation and take this award to be a strong foundation for the future. 

The award "Strongest in Iceland" is based on high standards set by Credit Info. To receive these awards we had to meet strong financial standards set out by Credit Info, a company that collects statistical Credit Score that evaluates the probability of default within the next twelve months of Icelandic Business. The CIP (Credit info Predictor) Score groups businesses into one out of ten categories where one represents low risk and ten the greatest risk, with each category providing a different probability of defaulting. It also includes information on the historical Score, major statistics and comparison with other businesses in the same size category and age group.

Each year Credit Info carries out detailed analysis, highlighting Icelandic companies that have achieved top marks for their strength and stability in the marketplace. Only around 2% of publicly and privately-owned companies registered in the Icelandic Company Directory passed the conditions, set out by Credit Info.

This is our second year in a row

Icerental4x4 Strongest in Iceland

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