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Nightlife in Reykjavík

Iceland is gaining to be one of the hottest place to party in the world today! Iceland has a very late night life lifestyle like almost any other West Atlantic country.

People usually start heading downtown around midnight and everything closes around 05:00 am. There are usually no dress codes but Icelanders like to dress up and wear nice clothes when partying. The clubs and pubs do not require any entrance fee unless there is some scheduled event.

The best thing about downtown Reykjavík‘s nightlife is that almost all the bars and clubs are within a walking distance of each other and most of them are on the same long street called Laugavegur. There are rarely ques in the bars and clubs but if they are they are very small and quick. Want to know more about Icelandic beer?

Here are a few bars/clubs that we would recommend on your night out in Reykjavík!

Reykjavík nightlife


Is a whiskey bar with over 180 types of whiskey and a warm welcoming atmosphere at Laugavegur 30. There you can take a whiskey school and also go out for a drink or two and listen to good classic rock music.  In the summertime, Dillon opens a garden behind and offer seats outside to enjoy music and drinks there.

Lebowski Bar

Is both a restaurant in the daytime and a club at night located at Laugavegur 20. All kinds of people go there to enjoy food and drinks that suits almost everyone. They have a delicious diner-style menu, milkshakes and over 23 types of their famous white Russians. At night they play great music and have a medium size dancefloor which is almost always full with people dancing.

Irishman pub

Is a great pub located at Klapparstígur 27. If you are up to playing darts and drinking good beers we would recommend this pub. You can go crazy and spin the wheel of fortune, listen to live music or book a private karaoke room for you and your friends!


Is a very old bar with the London underground sign as a logo located on Bergstaðastræti 1. If you are up for a cosy casual vibe in the heart of Reykjavík this is the place to go to. It is most famous for its appearance in the movie 101 Reykjavík. The cheapest bar on happy Hour in downtown Reykjavík with a great beer selection.

Kiki Queer bar

Is the queerest club in town located on Laugavegur 22. If you are looking for great music, a fun atmosphere and one of the best crowds this is the place for you!


Bar Ananas

Great beach bar in the heart of Reykjavík located on Klapparstígur 38. If you are up for some good cocktails this is the place for it. This bar offers a DJ on weekends and beachy vibes on both cocktails and the atmosphere.


Is a gastropub in the daytime and a party place at night time located on Bankastræti 12. It is very popular for its burgers and a great selection of beers. At night time this is kind of both bar and club that specialises in rap music. There is often artist that performs at night on the ground floor which has a small stage and upstairs you can sit down and listen to the same good music. Downstairs the place is known for swinging the lights back and forth in line with the music. Prikið also has a great outside port with seats that you can smoke cigarettes… and then some.

Danske Kro

Is a traditional Danish bar located on Ingólfsstræti 3. They have happy hour every day from 4 pm to 7 pm and some live music every night from 10 pm. On every Monday there is a beer pong and also a beer BINGO every last Thursday of every month. They have a remarkable selection of drinks that you can enjoy among playing darts. We highly recommend this bar to both locals and tourists.

Petersen Svítan

Is a rooftop lounge located on Ingólfsstæti 2a. The roof is on the third floor and is only accessible by elevator of the historic cinema, Gamla Bíó.  The lounge was originally the cinema's runner flat with an incredible two-floored terrace outside. The upper one has a complete 360° view over Reykjavík city which is incredible both in the summer and wintertime. It is usually the most popular bar in downtown Reykjavík in the summertime as the terraces are usually full of groups gathering in the great summer vibe and outside grill that the lounge has to offer. The seats are usually decorated with lights series that make a cosy vibe and friendly atmosphere.

English pub

Is a sports bar with live music every day and all major sports events on big full HD screens located on Austurstræti 12. They offer 10 different beers on draft and also the famous wheel of fortune where you can win 1 meter of beers. They also offer the Icelandic beer platter which has 5 different Icelandic beers on draft to taste. Highly recommended by tourists that have tried it out!

Nightlife in Iceland

American Bar

Is the only American bar in Iceland with the amazing American spirit located on Austurstræti 8. They have a unique selection of beers and are very famous for the decors inside the bar. The bar is decorated with all American things like the NFL helmets and the flag itself. The women’s bathroom is decorated with American license plates which is very cool. The American travellers say that it feels like home to be in there and drink their great selection of beers and decorations. They are also a sports bar that offers screens to watch football among other sports. During the daytime, they also have a great selection of burgers, ribs and chicken wings on their menu. At weekends this is also a very famous night bar with live music and a DJ.

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